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November is National Homelessness Awareness Month

November is National Homelessness Awareness Month, an important time to think about how we can best support children and families experiencing homelessness.

Across the country, Head Start programs are supporting more than 55,000 children who are experiencing homelessness. Head Start offers them a stable environment with consistent routines and caring adults. Their experience in Head Start helps them build the social and emotional skills they need to cope with and overcome the adversity of their circumstances.

Our friends at Sesame Street in Communities have some great resources that parents and programs can use in supporting this especially vulnerable population of children.

The resources include:

Be sure to check out Sesame Workshop’s resources for children experiencing trauma more broadly, as well. Together, we can help families experiencing homelessness get on their feet, and make sure children feel safe and loved along the way.

Did you know? Sesame Street came into existence 50 years ago with the help of Head Start funding, and we’ve been working together to help children learn and grow ever since!