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ND HS & EHS Job Openings

Community Action Partnership has a full-time opening for an Education Coordinator with our Early Head Start program in Dickinson, ND.   Position is responsible for coordinating the education and disability components and utilizing resources to ensure optimum benefit of Early Head Start participants and family members.  Requires a BA/BS in Early Childhood Education or coursework equivalent to a major relating to Early Childhood Education.  Two years full-time experience teaching infants, toddlers, or preschoolers.  Past supervisory experience.  For an application and job description, contact ND Job Service, 66 Osborn Drive, Dickinson, ND 58601 or email for more information.   Closing Date:   May 19, 2017.  EOE


Coordinates the education and disability components of the Early Head Start (EHS) Program.  Builds community and public relations representing the Early Head Start Program.  Utilizes resources to ensure optimum benefit of Early Head Start participants and family members.


The job responsibilities listed do not include all the specific tasks which the employee may be expected to perform.

  1. Demonstrated support for the agencies mission, goals and values.
  2. Participates in strategic planning of the agency and Early Head Start program and direction of the program.
  3. Assists the Program Director by keeping within the fiscal constraints of the budget.
  4. Assists in the development and support of Personnel Policies, Procedures and job descriptions.
  5. Identifies professional and organizational issues and trends suggesting action, facilitating change and participates in restructuring of programs and services.
  6. Maintains staff, client and agency wide confidentiality at all times.
  7. Serves as liaison between departments in the agency and with other agencies and programs to fulfill the mission of the agency.
  8. Assists with grant preparation and oversees grant management within area supervised.
  9. Prepares various statistical and narrative reports to meet all Agency, Government and Grant requirements.
  10. Attends meetings, workshops, and training sessions as approved by the Head Start/Early Head Start Director.
  11. Participates on program related committees as approved by the Program Director.
  12. Is required to travel by ground or air to meetings, conferences, trainings, etc.
  13. Provides and oversees the education and disability training within the department.
  14. Oversees the department inventory, as well as, securing necessary equipment and supplies.
  15. Continues professional growth through educational and training experiences in their field.
  16. Develops recommended policy considerations for Early Head Start and presents the considerations at appropriate meetings.
  17. Reviews Program Work Plans annually and makes necessary adjustments to meet the needs of the staff and participants with the assistance of the Program Coordinators.
  18. Ensures all required standards are maintained for the Early Head Start Program.
  19. Prepares monthly Early Head Start Education Program Summary for Policy Council and Community Action Partnership Governing Board.
  20. Prepares for and coordinates Program self-assessment with the assistance of the Program Coordinators.
  21. Shares responsibility for planning Parent Committee meetings and parent involvement activities with other Program Coordinators.
  22. With the assistance from the Head Start Education Coordinator, plans the Education Committee meetings two times a year.
  23. Develops, implements, and coordinates program goals and objectives for the Education/Disability component.
  24. Develops and implements monthly home base meeting agendas with the assistance of the Program Coordinators and facilitates the meetings.
  25. Monitors classroom materials and makes recommendations to the Program Director.
  1. Monitor child outcomes, analyzes data and prepares quarterly reports for management.
  2. Supervises implementation of developmentally appropriate curricula and assists Infant/Toddler Teachers in developing individual’s curricula.
  3. Coordinates developmental screenings of all participants with the Health Coordinator.
  4. Refers participants who need additional educational special services to the appropriate agency.
  5. Implements the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) guidelines.
  6. Monitors reporting system and reporting of infant/Toddler Teachers to include but not limited to: anecdotal reports, lesson plans, individualized child plans, individualized child assessments and child outcomes.
  7. Participates in staff and parent conferences with Infant/Toddler Teachers and Program Coordinators, as requested.
  8. Completes all registration paperwork with Early Head Start home base and center base families, if needed per Family Partnership staff.


  1. Assists with Human Resource activities related to Educational staff to include: interviewing, recommendations for hiring, work improvement plans, disciplinary actions and recommendations for termination.
  2. Supervises Infant/Toddler Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and Home Base Visitor’s performance and progress within the department and completes performance evaluations in a timely manner.
  3. Supervises educational staff by clarifying expectations, level of authority, accountability and responsibility.



  1. BA/BS in Early Childhood Education or coursework equivalent to a major relating to Early Childhood Education.
  2. Two years full-time experience teaching infants, toddlers, or preschoolers.
  3. Past supervisory experience.
  4. Experience working with people from various socio-economic and educational backgrounds.
  5. Must possess a valid driver’s license and insurable driving record.
  6. Demonstrated ability to establish a positive rapport with staff, clients, other agencies, businesses and the community.
  7. Experience in planning, and presenting workshops, group informational presentations and media packets/recordings.
  8. Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate both in written and oral forms.
  9. Proficient with computers and software to include Windows, Internet and Microsoft Office software and other office equipment.
  10. Current CPR and First Aid Certification within one year.

Constantly: Vision correctable to near 20/20.
Frequently: Sitting, walking, stooping, crouching, kneeling, reaching horizontally and vertically, standing, bending, balancing, use of arms, legs, hands and feet and fine motor skills, color discrimination, peripheral and depth perception, talking and hearing, running, climbing stairs and ladders, crawling, twisting and turning trunk, rapid mental-muscular coordination, reaching down and overhead, pushing and pulling, lifts and carries up to 50 pounds.

Frequently: Works in a variety of working conditions including indoor in controlled and uncontrolled environments.  High stress situations.  Position may require the need to work non-traditional work hours.

Grand Forks Mental Health and Disability Coordinator

Title: Mental Health and Disability Coordinator

Description: Full-time position, 188 days following Head Start schedule, with 50% of time as Mental Health Coordinator and 50% as Disability Coordinator.

QUALIFICATIONS: Baccalaureate degree (minimum) in Social Work or education. Experience in social work, special education, counseling, child development, or other social service programs.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Mental Health Coordinator/Disability Coordinator will work collaboratively with parents, staff, the LEA and community consultants to identify and intervene in family and school situations that affect the mental health, wellness and education of children and families in the program.


Mental Health Coordinator

1. Collaborate with students, teachers, parents, the school team and outside sources to address social/emotional, behavioral and development concerns.

2. Ensure social/emotional curriculum is implemented in classrooms and that weekly lessons are conducted.

3. Supplement social/emotional curriculum and conduct classroom lessons, as needed or requested.

4. Provide a variety of supportive programs designed to promote mental wellness, such as Children of Change, Emotion Management Group and Social Skills Groups.

5. Provide student observations upon teacher/parent request and follow-up with recommendations and/or intervention plans.

6. Secure a partnership with a mental health consultant with regularly scheduled meetings.

7. Provide a variety of educational opportunities for staff and parents related to mental health, child development.

8. Facilitate community partnerships that design program practices responsive to behavioral, mental health and developmental areas for children and families in the program.

9. Review a standardized social/emotional assessment tool completed by parents for early identification of social/emotional and behavioral concerns and develop appropriate interventions.

10. Report suspected child abuse and neglect and follow-up with families and social services, as needed. Provide support and training to staff regarding this process.

11. Provide on-site consultation when parents have questions or concerns about development or mental health concerns, and assist parents in accessing information or resources.

12. Participate in transition meetings for children who transition from an Early Head Start Program to the Head Start Program.

Disability Coordinator

1. Coordinate the Multi-Tier Support System (MTSS) team (which includes staff and parents/ guardians) when children are displaying academic concerns and challenging behaviors.

2. Ensure developmental screenings are charted on the disability tracking log, which is reviewed and updated throughout the school year. Children are rescreened if their results are lower than expected for their chronological age on the screening instrument.

3. Keep track of referrals for evaluation to the LEA and service provisions for children determined to have a disability.

4. Work with teaching staff regarding referrals to the MTSS team when students are demonstrating skills lower than peers. Identified children are provided small group or individualized interventions to address target skills.

5. Refer students to the preschool selective screen and collaborate with the LEA when children are identified through screening of suspected disabilities. Follow established procedures established by the LEA for identifying, evaluating and providing disability services.

6. Consult with the LEA when children display difficulty with academics/readiness skills, fine and gross motor development, sensory issues and behavioral concerns.

7. Follow DPI (Department of Public Instruction) and Grand Forks Special Education Unit guidelines related to IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act) and policies and procedures.

8. Work closely with the LEA Special Education Coordinator regarding potential enrollees transitioning from Anne Carlson Early Intervention into the Head Start setting.

9. Responsible for maintaining communication with special service providers regarding referrals, meetings, procedural activities, etc.

10. Act as the Administrative Designee for all special education meetings (profile meetings, Integrated Written Assessment meetings and IEPs).

11. Ensure children with disabilities participate in the full scope of Head Start activities with appropriate modifications in the classroom to meet the individualized needs of children.

12. Work with the LEA regarding children who require assistive devices such as communication boards, electronic devices, or vision adaptations.

13. Participate in the transition process/meetings from the Head Start program to kindergarten for children who have completed the MTSS process or receive IEP services, as necessary.

Other Duties

1. Meet all Head Start Performance Standards on services for children with social, emotional, behavioral concerns and children with disabilities.

2. Plan for the health and developmental screening of all Head Start children with Health, Family Services and Education components.

3. Attend classroom staffing and follow through with recommendations/referrals.

4. Coordinate with the speech language pathologists with the completion of monthly program information summaries and the PIR report.

5. Meet with the Head Start Policy Council to review and update the mental health and disabilities policies and procedures.

6. Revise and update interagency agreements.

7. Assist the Director with coordination and completion of the self-assessment and community assessment process.

8. Be trained in First Aid and CPR and is required to have current cards certifying their status. Head Start staff and volunteers may be called upon to administer First Aid to children/staff at any time in the program. The incidental nature of this circumstance effectively established First Aid as a collateral duty rather than a primary one.

9. Complete monthly Program Information Summaries

10. Maintain current professional certification/license.

11. Maintain strict confidentiality with regard to records related to counseling and mental health concerns of the children and families in the program.

12. Assist in the development and implementation of outcomes for the program by assisting classroom staff in assessing children’s development using outcomes, informing parents of the process of outcomes and their role in them; and encourage a parent partnership in goal setting.

13. Other duties, as assigned by the Director.

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Must attend all in-service training as planned and required or deemed necessary by the Head Start Director and maintain license/certification. Must be CPR and First Aid Certified, and maintain certification.

Salary shown is based on 2016-2017 salary schedule. New salary to be determined per teacher negotiations. Shift Type Full-Time Salary Range $40,000.00 – $55,861.00 / Per Year Location Head Start

Applications Accepted Start Date 05/09/2017

End Date 06/06/2017