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ND Dental Foundation Provides Dental Kits to ND Head Start & Early Head Start Programs

The ND Dental Foundation is rolling out their ND Toothbrush Project with ND Head Start and Early Head Start Programs. The ND Dental Foundation will provide free of charge toothcare kits to eligible organizations to encourage good oral health to the kids in their care. Each kit includes a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Infant kits include a brush only. Each toothbrush is meant to be replaced every three months.

The ND Head Start and Early Head Start Programs are very grateful for these toothcare kits! Thank you ND Dental Foundation!

What is the ND Dental Foundation?

The ND Dental Foundation began with the belief that dentists are well positioned to address issues that prevent people from getting dental care, and is deeply committed to helping those who can’t afford care.

Dental care is a foundation of good health. People who have good oral health – free of cavities and painful, debilitating fractures or oral disease – are able to work, learn and socialize in ways that lead to quality of life. People in poor oral health are held back and suffer physically, financially and emotionally. It’s especially tough on kids.

The organization is led and supported by dentists, hygienists, assistants and others who want to do good outside of their professional hours or careers. They are passionate about oral health and believe in its tremendous value to society. They want to make a difference. For more information visit their web site: