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Ask Your Representative to Sign the Jenkins/Clark Letter

Dear Colleague:

Work on Head Start’s funding for next year is just beginning here in Washington. Given the many uncertainties about the priorities of the new Administration, it is critical for Head Start to be strongly supported by Congress, and doubly important for that support to be bipartisan.

Lynn Jenkins, a Republican Representative from Kansas’s 2nd congressional district and Katherine Clark, the Democratic Representative for Massachusetts’s 5th congressional district co-signed a letter of support to the Appropriations subcommittee responsible for setting funding for Head Start.

The letter requests that the committee set a budget mark for Head Start that will “maintain or increase the current number of children and families served while supporting progress on implementation of the new performance standards so that Head Start can continue to provide much-needed education, health, and economic development services to America’s most vulnerable children and families.”

The letter is being circulated so that more representatives can sign-on. As this is the first time in over a decade that a letter supporting Head Start’s funding has bipartisan support, we need your help to make the most of this opportunity.

Our goal is to have as many Members of the House co-sign the letter as we can, from both parties!

Please take one minute today to send a message to your representative asking him/her to stand up for children and families by co-signing the Jenkins/Clark letter. It’s quick and easy and you can sign the letter here. Then share this message with everyone you know and ask them to do the same!

Thank you for making your voice heard and making a difference for our most vulnerable children and families!


Sign the Letter Today

In partnership,




Yasmina Vinci
Executive Director
National Head Start Association