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The North Dakota Head Start Association is dedicated to the issues that affect Head Start.

How you can help!

It takes all our voices to spread the good news about North Dakota Head Start. Head Start staff, parents, community supporters — we need your participation!

  • Explore the materials below to become informed on the facts and details of how Head Start is making a difference here in the United States.
  • Make a phone call or write a letter to your representative, explaining why Head Start has made a difference in your life.
  • Talk with local officials about your local program and about the impact they make in your community.
  • Visit the NHSA’s dedicated advocacy website for more ideas.

Advocacy Toolkit

Action Builds Confidence — ABCs of Advocacy, DOC, presented by Abrian C. Jacobs, Fredericksburg Regional Head Start (PPT)

Letter from Dr. James Heckman to National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Reform (PDF)

In a letter to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Reform, Nobel Prize-winning economist Dr. James Heckman said that the answer to reducing America’s debt is to spend wiser. Among his suggestions — invest in comprehensive early childhood development — from birth to age five — particularly in disadvantaged children and their families.

For more information

Stay in Touch – Hosting a Member of Congress or State Legislator to your Head Start Center

Inviting your member of Congress or State Legislator to visit your Head Start program is a great way to build relationships and show them the impact your program has on the local community. To help you with this process, NHSA has created some simple guidelines and templates for inviting your member of Congress to your program, hosting a successful visit and appropriately following-up after the visit. If you have any questions regarding hosting a member of Congress at your local Head Start center, please contact Tommy Sheridan, National Head Start Association, at